Are you looking for cosmetic products with just that little extra? Do you have an idea for lip, eye or face cosmetics? Not a defined idea yet? It does not matter, we will inspire you!

We will partner up with you from start to finish. With our guidance through the development process you can turn your creativity and wishes into products. Our team will advise you on the selection of ingredients, formulas and packaging. We will also assist you with regulatory affairs.

Do you want to get inspired? And get to know the hottest and most colorful market trends? Our creative team is eager to show you the most innovative trends and possibilities. For you, we love to go the extra mile!


Foundation, the groundwork for the entire makeup look. We offer different formulas varying in texture, consistency, coverage, finish and active ingredients. Whether you prefer liquid, cream or compact?

Did you consider refill packs for a sustainable future? Your eco-conscious customers will embrace it.

Even your purchase department will, as it can also be a cost saving!


From translucent to mineral, face powder is available in many shapes, sizes and textures. Do you prefer loose or compact powder?

The majority of powder packaging is made of plastic. The plastic can also be replaced by high-class paper-like materials.


Makeup sticks are solid forms of face highlighters, foundations, blushes, and concealers The possibilities are endless, Let's go creamy!

Our innovative cardboard sticks are suitable for make-up products. The stick shapes are 100% customizable.


A wide range of liquid formulations. The applicator makes it possible to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes with precision.

Pack them into creative or high-class packaging to show them off.


A wide range of formulations in glass, aluminium, cardboard or plastic packaging.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Use our cardboard sticks and be ready for the future. The stick shapes and sizes are 100% customizable.


A wide range of liquid lip formulations in the packaging of your choice.

Combine two formulations in one product packaging. For instance a neutral sheer to go to work (day) and on the other side a brightly coloured version for the nighttime (night).


Depending on the texture and the chosen shade, lip pencils can create a perfect base for any lip tint or lipstick or can entirely replace this.

Perfect for the outlining of the lips and for shaping, lining or filling

Or use it as a primer. Apply the creamy texture in an even way before applying lipstick to increase the hold.


Both compact and loose eyeshadow powder.

The majority of powder packaging is made of plastic. The plastic can also be replaced by paper-like materials.


No brush, no problem! Shadow sticks are a versatile, conveniently packed, and easy-to-use makeup product.

A creamy way to apply eyeshadow. Available in cardboard or plastic packaging.

Our innovative cardboard sticks are suitable for make-up products. The stick shapes and sizes are 100% customizable


A primer for your eyes improves your skin's texture, helping eye makeup go on smoother and last longer.

Available in plastic or cardboard sticks, tubes and plastic or glass jars.


Pencil eyeliner: a timeless classic! Go for high precision and easy application.

The possibilities are endless. Create a smudgy look and blend your pencil eyeliner across your lids, or keep it neat and tidy to create an appearance that makes your eyes pop.



Apply perfume with a swipe rather than with a spritz. You'll be both kinder to your skin and to the planet!

Compared to the traditional perfume sprays they have benefits on:

  • compact
  • sustainable
  • travel-proof
  • eco-friendly
  • the use of water
  • use of packaging
  • reduction of water transportation

Solid fragrances can be packed in glass, plastic, aluminum and cardboard jars, trays and sticks.

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